SA Dark Viking
SA Dark Viking

SA Dark Viking SA Dark Viking
SA Dark Viking 6 months SA Dark Viking 2011
SA Dark Viking 2011
Viking was born here on our farm. He is registered black, but has a dorsal stripe, he has roaning and a few large white spots.
He's broke to ride. He is offered for sale/trade for another stallion as we've got too many mares related to him.

Sputnik's Playboy
(black) AQHA #7127558
Sputnik's Caballero
(buckskin) AQHA #1845690
Patsy Caballero
(buckskin) AQHA #706241
Sputnik's Tacky Beau
(dun) AQHA #2589578
Beau Bar Mujer
(dun) AQHA #1093712
His Sire: Beau Bonanza
Beaus Tidy Tacky
(buckskin) AQHA #1845682
Tidy Tacky
(buckskin) AQHA #706267

SA Dark Viking
ApHC #N596677

Prince Onta
(red roan w/spots) ApHC #T277460
Gleska Tuku
(buckskin leopard) ApHC #517236
Dash Of Silk
(sorrel) ApHC #T252210
SA Newe Kwinaa
(buckskin) ApHC #540904
Bright Tiger
() ApHC #28126
Miss Tiger Chant
(bay blanket) ApHC #T367501
Springtime Chant
() ApHC #T240614

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