Our Girls

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SA Tessies Toad * SA Tessies Toad
Sire: SA Ghost (Mick x Zoe)
Dam: Tessie Blue (Cody x No Bluff Jan)
2011 Blue and White
blue nose
Registered ABCA
SA Mae *SA Mae Belle
Sire: Midnight Storm (@Rusty x BSP Ellie Blue)
Dam: Liberty Belle (Chunk x CR Lacey)
2011 Blue Tri Merle
Registered ABCA
SA Rose *SA Rose
Sire: SA Ghost (Mick x Zoe)
Dam: SA Duckie (Taz x Tinkerbelle)
2013 Red and White
Registered ABCA
SA Coral * SA Coral
Sire: SA Possum (Beau x Snow)
Dam: SA Izzy (JV Blue Buddie x JV Jil Ann)
2013 Red Merle
Registered ABCA
* Honey
Sire: Adam Lambert (@Chip x Sadie)
Dam: CRL Indigo (Race x Bella Jewel)
2015 Gold and White.
Registered ABCA & AKC
SA Frog
* SA Frog
Sire: Ace (JV Blue Buddy x JV Jil Ann)
Dam: SA Tessie's Toad (SA Ghost x Tessie)
2015 Black and White.
Registered ABCA
* Dixie
Sire: Rock (Zeke x Jill)
Dam: CC Paisley (Indiana x Pearl)
2015 Atypical Tri Merle
Registered ABCA
Dixie is SOLD and headed to Tempest Kennels in AZ
*SA Izzy's Piggy
Sire: SA Ghost (Mick x Zoe)
Dam: Izzy (JV Blue Buddy x JV Jil Ann)
2016 Blue and White
Registered ABCA

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