Our Boys

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SA Ghost * SA Ghost
Sire: Mick (P.L. Chance x P.L. Cayenne)
Dam: Zoe (P.L. Jake x Crissy)
2009 Blue and White.
Registered ABCA
Binion * Binion
Sire: Chip (Rick x Blorchid)
Dam: Gracie (Honda x Annie)
2009 Brindle.
Registered ABCA
SA Possum * SA Possum
Sire: Beau (Macleods Mitch x Macleods Sadie)
Dam: Snow (Bear Crek Joshua x Destiny)
2012 Blue Merle.
Registered ABCA
* Firestorms Oso
Sire: CRL Super Nova (Granite x CRL Hope)
Dam: FS Angel Rose (Reece Cup Pup x Rose)
2014 Gold and White
Registered ABCA
* SA Zip
Sire: SA Ghost (Mick x Zoe)
Dam: SA Addie (Bo x Callie)
2012 Blue and White
Registered ABCA
* CC SA Roo
Sire: IMP. Corrie (Robbie x Cherry)
Dam: @Penelope (Skip x Zobra)
2016 Black and White
Registered ABCA

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