Our Retired Border Collies

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We feel that every pet deserves a forever home even when they are considered by some to no longer be of use. And here in our home we believe that every dog who comes thru our door is a family member to be cared for and loved to their final days. So despite being retired from producing offspring they will have a safe, loving home until they cross over the rainbow bridge. We do rehome some or our retired dogs if there is a interested party and it's a good fit. All retired dogs must be met and picked up in person.

SA Possum * SA Possum
Sire: Beau (Macleods Mitch x Macleods Sadie)
Dam: Snow (Bear Crek Joshua x Destiny)
2012 Blue Merle.
Registered ABCA and AKC
SA Coral * SA Coral
Sire: SA Possum (Beau x Snow)
Dam: SA Izzy (JV Blue Buddie x JV Jil Ann)
2013 Red Merle
Registered ABCA and AKC
Retired 2021
SA Tessies Toad * SA Tessies Toad
Sire: SA Ghost (Mick x Zoe)
Dam: Tessie Blue (Cody x No Bluff Jan)
2011 Blue and White
blue nose
Registered ABCA and AKC
SA Mae *SA Mae Belle
Sire: Midnight Storm (@Rusty x BSP Ellie Blue)
Dam: Liberty Belle (Chunk x CR Lacey)
2011 Blue Tri Merle
Registered ABCA and AKC
*SA Bella
Sire: SCR Just Jake (Taz x WLRD'S Bree)
Dam: RS Mint Patty (Erins Colt x Erins Fergie)
2011 Blue Sable (atypical merle)
Registered ABCA
Litters Produced 3
Retired 2017 and found a loving home
*FA SA Riley
Sire: Lockeye Chase
Dam: @Blastoff Dance
2016 Black Tri
Registered ABCA
Retired and found a family in need of his love

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